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We’re a team of licensed mental health therapists who are extremely passionate about helping you be the best version of yourself. We don’t want life’s roadblocks standing in the way of reaching our goals. We want to help you come up with solutions to go around the roadblocks so that you can continue on your journey.

We’re all about helping you find the confidence, strength, and power to live the life that you want.

We work with those who want to regain control of their lives. We help those who may be incredibly successful in the outside world but are sad, anxious, or hopeless on the inside. We guide those who want to help their loved ones but have struggled to find solutions that work in the long term. We support persons who cannot find happiness in their successes because their own high standards won’t allow them to be proud of themselves. We work with those who have forgotten what it feels like to be happy, motivated, and interested in life’s pleasures.

We use science-supported (evidence-based) strategies proven by numerous research studies to be very effective. We let the science guide us but ultimately work with you to tailor the strategies to your unique situations and needs. You won’t be sprawled out on a couch while we stare at you in silence and wait for you to talk about your childhood (like is often portrayed in the media!). We collaborate and provide education about human emotions and behavior, how to promote healthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, how to recognize the signs of unhealthy thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, and what you can do to remain in control of your life.

259 Main Street Chester, NJ 07930
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