Is There "PROOF" of Genius in Neurodivergent Individuals? Discussion Flyer

Is There “PROOF” of Genius in Neurodivergent Individuals?

The upcoming play “Proof,” presenting in May by the Roxbury Arts Alliance, deals with two of the most interesting questions of our day: What is “genius,” and what is, and isn’t, mental illness?

In alignment with Mental Health Awareness Month, and ahead of the play “Proof,” let’s dispel some misconceptions about neurodivergence.

Local Psychologist Dr. Matt Zakreski is the founder and lead clinician at The Neurodiversity Collective, where he provides therapy and coaching. He also serves as a consultant to schools, works as a professor at the university level, and is a researcher and author on his specialty, Giftedness.

Dr. Zakreski will lead the discussion about neurodivergence, where genius falls in terms of neuropsychology, and mental illness. Learn what makes brains work and what makes them work differently.

He will also discuss strategies and skills everyone can develop to protect their brains and mental health.

All ages are welcome to attend this interesting and timely event.

Cost to attend is based your preferred donation amount. Please secure your seat ahead of time by making your donation online at Cash and check donations will also be accepted at the door.

Please consider attending one or more showings of the play Proof, which runs May 10, 11, 17, 18, and 19. Attendees at Dr. Zakreski’s talk will receive a discount voucher to purchase tickets to any showing of Proof.

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Apr 25 2024


end time may vary depending on audience questions
7:30 pm - 9:15 pm


Citizens Bank Theater
Citizens Bank Theater, 72 Eyland Ave, Roxbury Township, NJ, 07876


Roxbury Arts Alliance

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