Two Girls Media

45 Broadway, Denville, NJ, USA

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Through many instances of volunteering in their community, Brigitte Carucci and Vicki Harrison soon realized that their backgrounds and skill sets were a great complement to each other and Two Girls Media was born. A boutique marketing agency operated out of their trunks and weekly Dunkin’ Donuts meet ups for the first year soon grew to a large office and public meeting space in downtown Denville. They specialize in creating products and services to connect their clients with the neighborhoods they serve.

The pandemic has pushed them to pivot their plan, and that of their clients, to continue to think outside the box and implement new ways to reach others. Their work/play life is in balance as they work around the clock but also play hooky for adventure days and Tiktok domination. Their love language is coffee, and they want nothing more than to help their fellow bad ass entrepreneurs succeed. As they are fond of saying, “teamwork makes the dream work.” There is room for everyone at the top, and Two Girls Media helps their clients get there.

45 Broadway, Denville, NJ, USA


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