Ruth’s Chris Steak House

1 Hilton Ct, Parsippany-Troy Hills NJ
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In 1965, a time when most women couldn’t even apply for a bank card without their husband’s signature, our founder Ruth Fertel risked it all and mortgaged her home to buy a small steak house in New Orleans. As a single mom with two boys, Ruth taught herself the restaurant business, endured countless challenges, and, in the process, redefined hospitality.

When a kitchen fire destroyed Chris Steak House in 1976, Ruth was forced to relocate her business, but the Chris Steak House name wasn’t allowed to come along. Short on time, Ruth improvised, adding her own name to the sign. That made it “Ruth’s Chris Steak House” and our legendary name was born.

1 Hilton Ct, Parsippany-Troy Hills NJ
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