Redwoods Grill And Bar

459 Main St, Chester, NJ, United States, New Jersey

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Executive Chef Ben Peck & Sous Chef Steve oversee a talented team of chefs and cooks in our kitchen here at Redwoods. They create a dynamic that nurtures success and provides the assurance of a quality meal every time they send out a plate. Ben's creativity shines as he develops soups and dishes that are sure to intrigue your taste buds.

Everyone who works for our team is dedicated to their craft as much as Ben, and it shows each time your dinner hits the table.

Each day they build a fire with New Jersey hardwoods, consisting of mainly oak and cherry. We feel that the flavor of the wood fire is far superior to that of conventional gas or electric grills. Come in soon to see why Redwoods cuisine has been a neighborhood staple for the past 27 years.

459 Main St, Chester, NJ, United States, New Jersey
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