Glenbrook Brewery

95 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ, USA
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Glenbrook Brewery is located in the heart of Morris County, New Jersey.

The county is rich in American Revolutionary War history, and was the winter encampment of General George Washington and the Continental Army.  After victories at the Battle of Trenton and Battle of  Princeton, they set up camp at Jockey Hollow.  The Army stayed there during the winter of 1777, as well as the extremely cold fall and winter of 1779–80.

General Washington had his headquarters during that first encampment at Jacob Arnold's Tavern.  The tavern was located in the center of Morristown, an area known as the “Green.”   It was a place where many pints flowed.

Colonial Ale, our signature beer, is made with the finest ingredients & artisan craftsmanship by our award winning Head Brewer.

Our story, like history, is being written and changing every day.  What started as hobby for a local brew enthusiast has grown with the collaboration of a creative idea.  An idea so big and powerful our community and county will be proud...stay tuned for more updates.

95 Morris Street, Morristown, NJ, USA


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