Explore Northwestern Morris County

Beautiful forests, suburban neighborhoods and regional shopping best characterize this portion of Morris County, which includes the communities of Jefferson, Rockaway, Rockaway Township, Wharton, Dover and Victory Gardens.

These are proud communities that developed during Morris County’s industrial past and now serve as regional shopping destinations. The region includes the Rockaway Townsquare Mall, located between Routes 80 and 46, featuring a multitude of shopping and dining experiences as well as a movie theater.
Dover provides many options for multicultural dining experiences. Newcomers will “nd well established, traditional single-family neighborhoods, as well as newer developments of high-end apartments, providing for a diversity of housing options.

Well-traveled highways including Interstate 80, Route 15, 23 and 46, make this area of the county easily accessible. The smaller towns provide walkable neighborhoods, while the larger townships also allow for quieter living experiences off the beaten path.

Both public transit and automobile commuting options are available, notably in Dover. Lake Hopatcong, the state’s largest freshwater lake, provides recreational opportunities including
boating and swimming.
The Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, the largest park in the Morris County Park system, provides opportunities for camping and RV camping. Saint Clare’s hospital offers high-quality medical care to residents in this area of the county and the region.

The region features remnants of the Morris Canal, a historic water transportation system that carried materials through New Jersey’s iron district from 1829 to 1924. One of the first iron mines in the United States was located in the Mount Hope section of Rockaway Township around 1710.

It’s also home to Picatinny Arsenal, a military research and manufacturing facility dating back to 1880. The Arsenal is an army base and operates as the Army Joint Center of Excellence for
Lethality and encompasses 6,500 acres including Picatinny Lake and Lake Denmark.
The arsenal employs more than 6,000 civilians, contractors and military personnel, who develop 90% of the Army’s armaments and ammunition, including warheads, explosives, and all sizes of firearms, battlefield sensors and advanced weaponry.

This region is similar to the other areas of the county where there is a strong sense of community and volunteerism. Residents choose to raise a family and may remain after retirement due to connections to family, friends and amenities.

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