CSA in Morris County NJ: Farms Providing Local Produce Near You

If you’re looking for fresh farm-grown produce in your neighborhood, local farms are the best place to start. CSA programs in Morris County, NJ, or community-supported agriculture, are the best source of in-season fruits and vegetables for locals in Morris County. These programs offer the highest quality local produce, farm to table, and are a fantastic way to shop for your favorite foods while supporting the farms in your area. Morris County, New Jersey offers so much by way of community engagement and these CSA programs are open to all. 

From the county’s agrarian roots to today’s modern take on agriculture, these programs are yours to explore. With so many farms that let you pick your own peaches, tomatoes, and other seasonal New Jersey produce, the options are endless. 

What is Community-Supported Agriculture? (CSA)

Simply put, community-supported agriculture (CSA), also known as a farm share program, is a relationship that connects consumers with local farms. In return for an advanced annual payment, participants receive a weekly share of high-quality produce and other goods during the growing season. This early payment helps farms prepare for the upcoming year’s production and harvest. This type of community program is mutually beneficial for the participants and the farms that strive to continue to provide quality goods. 

csa morris county nj

#1: Alstede Farms

At Alstede Farms, you’ll find the freshest produce of the season in every freshly inspired box. Each week, the farm’s team picks only the best fruits and vegetables and carefully packs them for you. Sometimes, an added surprise, like plants to start your own herb garden or recipes with new tastes and techniques, will be included in your box. This program is one of the best because of the smart payment plans and early-enrollment discounts. You can choose from a 10-week, 20-week, or 31-week CSA Membership program option. Don’t miss your chance to join this year’s freshly inspired CSA. It’s the best way to truly savor the season in 2021. Sign up online or reach out to the team to learn more!

Alstede Farms, Exterior, Tomatoes in barrel, 2019, Farm, Recreation, Farm
Alstede Farms, Exterior, Tomatoes in barrel, 2019, Farm, Recreation, Farm

#2: Wightman Farms

At Wightman Farms, you can join a crop share program. Everything they offer is picked and packed the morning of the pick-up day you choose. Surprises during the season include eggs from free-range chickens, local honey, artisanal cheeses, pasta, and more. In the program, you will receive a box every week for 20 weeks, beginning in May, when the growing season starts. Additionally, you get an email every week with recipes and pairing suggestions. You can sign up online or reach out to the farm at (973) 425-9819 to speak to someone about the program.

#3: Ort Farms

Since 2011, Ort Farms has provided the community with a comprehensive CSA program that offers the highest quality produce and delicious farm-fresh goods in the area. The team’s motivation for starting a CSA program was to connect locals to the farm and allow them to feel confident in the source of their food. As farmers located in Long Valley for 99 years, this program is aimed towards providing the community with knowledge and accessibility to healthy produce. There is a 21-week or 26-week option and it is one of the most flexible programs in the area. This means that you get only the produce you want! Added bonus: there is a children’s program included so you can involve the whole family! Learn more about it on their website. 

ort farms morris county csa

#4: Stony Hill Farms

At Stony Hill Farms, participants in the CSA program are part of the family. You will have access to a local food system, enjoying the freshest produce from the moment of harvest. This CSA program runs approximately from June through November. This farm offers an eclectic selection of box sizes and varieties, including meat, cheese, and ice cream shares available to select locations. Compared to other CSA programs in the area, this farm provides a larger percentage of fruit on average throughout the season. This means more berries, melons, and apples all season long! Stony Hill takes pride in farming and wants to share the fruits of its labor with the surrounding community. Sign up online to participate!

#5: Totten Family Farm

Totten Family Farm is an 80-acre preserved farm in Long Valley, NJ. This farm provides the local community with the healthiest farm products possible. The program at Totten Family Farm is a little different than the others. It allows you to pay as you go. Instead of upfront payment for the program, you simply pay what you owe as you pick up your produce. Secondly, this program offers the highest quality meats and eggs. The farm cares greatly for its animals as well as its land. Using rotational grazing methods and ensuring no added hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, this farm raises Heritage-breed animals on pasture. Additionally, organic methods treat the vegetables, fruits, herbs, perennials, and specialty crops at this farm. Learn more on their website. 

#6 Grow It Green-Morristown

Their CSA program is SOLD OUT for 2021.  Better luck next year.  They do run farmers markets throughout the year. Learn about Grow It Green

Learn More About CSA in Morris County, NJ 

Community-supported agricultural programs in Morris County offer a unique opportunity to our local residents. Jump into spring with a healthy start! Enjoy the fruits of the labor of these local farmers all throughout the summer. The produce and farm-fresh goods from these local farms are unmatched. CSA in Morris County, NJ is the best way to stay connected with the community. Make a healthy choice for you and your family.

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